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When and Why You Need Roadside Assistance: Real-Life Stories

July 12, 2023 re Comments Off

When it comes to the unexpected troubles of the road, roadside assistance can be a real lifesaver. To underline the importance of these services, let’s take a look at some real-life stories from drivers who have found themselves in unexpected predicaments.

The Case of the Lost Key

Sarah, a single mom from Dallas, had just finished a long day of errands with her three-year-old son. She packed the groceries into the car, strapped her son into his car seat, closed the door, and realized – her car keys were on the seat beside her little one. Her heart dropped as she locked herself out of her car with her son on a hot Texas afternoon.

Fortunately, Sarah was a member of a roadside assistance program, and with her mobile phone, she was able to call for help. Within twenty minutes, a service technician arrived and safely unlocked her vehicle, rescuing her child and saving her potentially hundreds of dollars on a locksmith’s fee.

The Unexpected Flat Tire

John, a software engineer from San Francisco, was driving to a vital business meeting when he experienced the sudden jolt of a tire blowout on the highway. John was stranded without a spare tire and lacked the necessary skills to change a tire, even if he had one.

Thankfully, John had subscribed to a roadside assistance service. He made a quick call, and a service vehicle arrived within the hour. The technician quickly replaced the blown tire with a spare, allowing John to continue his journey and make it to his meeting on time.

The Dead Battery in the Dead of Winter

A retired couple, Larry and Janet, from Chicago, were heading home after a holiday dinner party when their car refused to start. A dead battery, compounded with a freezing winter night, meant they were stuck in a dark parking lot.

Luckily, they were covered by their roadside assistance plan. A quick call brought a service provider who jump-started their vehicle to their location. Not only did the service spare them a long, cold wait, but it also saved them from the cost and effort of arranging a tow truck late at night.

The Struggle of Being Stuck in Mud

Alice, an adventurous photographer from Colorado, often went off-roading in search of breathtaking landscapes. On one such trip, her SUV got stuck in a muddy ditch miles away from the nearest service station.

Alice had the foresight to subscribe to a roadside assistance plan that included winching services. Help arrived in the form of a specialized recovery vehicle that pulled her SUV from the mud, allowing her to continue her journey without the enormous towing and recovery fees.


From simple lockouts and flat tires to dead batteries in the winter or getting stuck off-road, life can throw a multitude of surprises at you when you’re on the road. These stories underscore the importance of having a roadside assistance plan. It’s not just about the convenience but also the safety, cost savings, and peace of mind that such a service provides. So, whether you’re a single parent, a business professional, a retired couple, or an adventurer, roadside assistance is a worthy investment for all who hit the road.